Participation in extracurricular activities is valuable for the following reasons:

  • Participants in extracurricular activities learn the value of teamwork and responsibility while increasing self-confidence, communication and leadership skills.
  • Extracurricular activities with a pro social mission or goal, offer positive peer influences and provide youth with the ability to resist the lure of problem behaviors.
  • Allows for development of physical strength and ability.
  • Helps students bond with their school prompting motivation to achieve, attending school more regularly and elevating standardized test scores.
  • Quality programming encourages students to respect their bodies and to refrain from substance abuse.
  • Encourages feelings of control and purpose in life.
  • Promotes the spirit of cooperation with others.

For the above reasons and many others that are as individual as the youth, it is important to encourage participation in youth activities and to eliminate barriers for youth to participate.